Intelligent Device-2-Applications (iDEA) Research Lab


iDEA group research interests span the areas of design and implementation of cross-layer (device/ circuit/ architecture) co-design for implementing complex machine learning tasks and secure computation, including hardware security, and the security of artificial intelligence. Specifically, we are working on a wide range of practical problems in the area of machine learning, computer architecture, and embedded systems to bridge the gap between neuromorphic and conventional Von Neumann computing.
We are always looking for highly motivated and self-driven Master's & Ph.D. students! (read more)

News (2022-present)

  • [Sep 2022]: Our paper “MR-PIPA: An Integrated Multi-level RRAM (HfOx) based Processing-In-Pixel Accelerator” is accepted to IEEE Journal on Exploratory Solid-State Computational Devices and Circuits (JXCDC).

  • [Sep 2022]: Collaborative project proposal entitled “Integrated Sensing and Normally-off Computing for Edge Imaging Systems” is funded by NSF (abstract).

  • [Sep 2022]: Our paper “semiMul: Floating-Point Free Implementations for Efficient and Accurate Neural Network Training” is accepted to ICMLA 2022.

  • [Aug 2022]: Congratulations to Sepehr on receiving the Othmer Fellowship (2022-2024).

  • [Aug 2022]: Our paper “TizBin: A Low-Power Image Sensor with Event and Object Detection Using Efficient Processing-in-Pixel Schemes” is accepted to ICCD 2022.

  • [Aug 2022]: Our paper “Enabling Intelligent IoTs for Histopathology Image Analysis Using Convolutional Neural Networks” is accepted to Micromachines.

  • [Aug 2022]: I am invited to serve as a TPC member for ISQED 2023.

  • [July 2022]: Our paper “ReD-LUT: Reconfigurable In-DRAM LUTs Enabling Massive Parallel Computation” is accepted to ICCAD 2022.

  • [July 2022]: Congratulations to Sepehr on receiving the 2022 IEEE Circuits and Systems Student Grant to attend MWSCAS.

  • [July 2022]: I am invited to serve as a Track Chair for VLSID 2023.

  • [July 2022]: Our paper “A Processing-in-Pixel Accelerator based on Multi-level HfOx ReRAM” is accepted to ESWEEK CASES 2022.

  • [June 2022]: I am invited to serve as a TPC member for NOCS 2022.

  • [May 2022]: Our paper “FlexiDRAM: A Flexible in-DRAM Framework to Enable Parallel General-Purpose Computation” is accepted to ISLPED 2022.

  • [May 2022]: Our paper “Design and Evaluation of a Robust Power-Efficient Ternary SRAM Cell” is accepted to MWSCAS 2022.

  • [May 2022]: Our paper “EaseMiss: HW/SW Co-Optimization for Efficient Large Matrix-Matrix Multiply Operations” is accepted to DCAS 2022.

  • [Apr 2022]: I am invited to serve as a TPC member for ICCD 2022.

  • [Mar 2022]: I am invited to serve as a TPC member for ISVLSI 2022.

  • [Mar 2022]: Our paper “Enabling Efficient Training of Convolutional Neural Networks for Histopathology Images” is accepted to DHW 2022.

  • [Mar 2022]: I am invited to serve as a TPC member for MWSCAS 2022.

  • [Feb 2022]: Our paper “Efficient Targeted Bit-Flip Attack Against the Local Binary Pattern Network” is accepted to HOST 2022.

  • [Jan 2022]: Our paper “SCiMA: a Generic Single-Cycle Compute-in-Memory Acceleration Scheme for Matrix Computations” is accepted to ISCAS 2022.

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