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Intermittent-Aware Design Exploration of Systolic Array Using Various Non-Volatile Memory: A Comparative Study


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This paper conducts a comprehensive study on intermittent computing within IoT environments, emphasizing the interplay between different dataflows—row, weight, and output—and a variety of non-volatile memory technologies. We then delve into the architectural optimization of these systems using a spatial architecture, namely IDEA, with their processing elements efficiently arranged in a rhythmic pattern, providing enhanced performance in the presence of power failures. This exploration aims to highlight the diverse advantages and potential applications of each combination, offering a comparative perspective. In our findings, using IDEA for the row stationary dataflow with AlexNet on the CIFAR10 dataset, we observe a power efficiency gain of 2.7% and an average reduction of 21% in the required cycles. This study elucidates the potential of different architectural choices in enhancing energy efficiency and performance in IoT systems.


Nedasadat Taheri, Sepehr Tabrizchi, Arman Roohi

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